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Job Escorts are leaders in making the future of those who are ambitious to step into a whole new profession. Job Escorts builds up the confidence in people who have dreams but do not know the direction. The first step in achieving your goals is to understand them. We help you make use of the hidden talent inside you. We train you to develop your professional skills and find a job that best suits your needs. We develop the confidence in you to provide best services to the clients you work for. Our areas of expertise are Consulting and Professional Development. Our trainings and educational programs in Information Technology and Accounting provide job seekers a clear path to their destiny. Job Escorts is the means to an achievement of your goals. At the professional development side, our main focus is on the Functional area of SAP. We provide the best training in SAP HR Functional, FICO and other IT languages. We have highly qualified professionals who train on Microsoft Applications and Accounting software. We also work on deploying experienced technical professionals to high level clients. We seek individuals who are technically proficient to deploy their services for our clients. We work with clients who accommodate all levels of experience and provide an amiable workplace for our professionals. Our commitment to high level of service and integrity is the base for a long term relationship with our clients.

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